Thursday, 9 February 2012

How to Make Rocky Road treats and Valentines sweets

In preparation for my son's 1st birthday party I have made some Rocky Road treats and thought that I would treat my family to some sweeties at the same time!
What you will need:

For the Rocky Road treats I used milk chocolate, white chocolate, chopped nuts, marshmallows and dried apricots.  And for the sweets I used Silver Spoon flavoured buttons in orange and strawberry, plus a sprinkle selection.
I also used a chocolate fondue melting machine but you can melt the chocolate in a bowl placed over a pan of hot water. Finally I had several moulds and I choose to use the heart and butterfly shapes as well as the first initial of my parents and sisters!
The first thing I did was place the milk chocolate into the pan, whilst this was melting I chopped up the apricots and mixed up these with the nuts and marshmallows.  Next I simply poured over the milk chocolate and mixed this in with the 'Rocks'.  I wiped over the pan and melted some of the white chocolate and whilst this was happening I had an opportunity to shape the treats into similar sized balls, the beauty of this dessert is that it is supposed to look rocky and therefore presentation is very easy!! Here is how the treats turned out:
As you can see I ended up with quite a lot as I did use 2 bars of chocolate and all of the extras, so I hope everyone will like them!
Next I made my sweets, which are even easier than the Rocky Roads!  So I simply melted the buttons in the fondue pan as you can see.  Whilst this was happening I placed a few decorations in my moulds.
I stuck to sprinkles for ease but you can use icing writing pens for a more detailed design if you like!!  Next I simply poured over the melted buttons into my moulds and put them into the fridge for a few hours to re-harden!
You can see here the letters, butterflies and hearts.  I have placed mine into little boxes to give to my family tomorrow but they would also like nice in clear plastic bags tied up with a ribbon.  These are great as Valentine or Mother's Day gifts or just as little thank yous!  The sweets also taste really great and my favourite  is the orange which does taste just little orange chocolate! 
I got all my supplies from Tesco's but you can also buy Candy Melts on the internet which come in a variety colours.

I hope you all have fun making your sweets and treats!

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