Sunday, 5 February 2012

Small Primark & H&M Haul

I popped into town this week as I wanted to have a look in Primark for a few cheapy tops.  I got back to my pre-baby weight 5 months ago and have not been on a strict diet since however we seem to have carried on eating a lot more healthily than we did before and I happy that as a result I am still losing weight! Its not a massive difference but even a few pounds makes you feel good when you didn't even mean to diet!  Anyway I wanted to get a few pieces in a smaller (hooray) size but didn't want to spend too much money!
Here is what I got:
 I got this cute cardigan in H&M and I think it was a bargain at £7.99.  I really like this preppy style and find these so useful for just throwing over any outfit, or they look nice with jeans or skinny trousers buttoned up to the top! H&M had lots of different colours so I may be tempted to back and get a couple more!

Sorry that these pics are up the wrong way, I am not sure how to turn them!!  These 4 tops were all from Primark and I went for styles that I will be able to wear throughout the Spring and Summer.  The first one looks really nice with high waisted jeans and has a cute gold button at the back, this was only £6 which is a great price and I think this looks nice with a cardigan over the top like the one above.  The next top was £7, it is also available in coral for £6.  This one is slightly sheer, but not enough to worry about putting something underneath if you don't want to, however it does look sweet layered over a vest.  I am planning to wear this with a grey bandage pencil skirt that I have as well as more casually with shorts and jeans.  The dotty crop top was only £4 which I think is such a good price, they have this top in several colour ways and patterns so I may be tempted to return for more of these as well!  I will wear this mostly with high waisted jeans or shorts so that my mummy tummy and stretch marks are not on show but I like that it is a basic everyday t-shirt with a bit of a difference with the length and scalloped edges.  Finally I got this bright pink top, again for easy to throw on every day wear.  This one is very sheer so I will wear it over a white vest, or a pastel coloured vest. I also plan to cinch this with a skinny belt for a variation on the look.  I believe this was also £4.
I was very pleased with my purchases and think I did well to get so many pretty things without spending much money!

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