Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Car Eyelashes for Sale!

This is a cheeky post, but we are currently sorting through our flat trying to declutter and refresh things ready to put it on the market.  Ooo exciting!  As such I thought I would take the chance to let you all know that we have fun Car Eyelashes for sale on eBay!  They come with plastic 'crystal' eyeliner in either pale blue, silver or bright pink and are £5.50 if you include the cost of the postage!  We are down to the last sets now and I would like to sell them ASAP so that we can empty the cupboard just a little bit more!

The pink ones currently are not on eBay as I only have 4 pairs left and need to put on a new listing, but they are still for sale!

Here is a link if you are interested or of course you can leave me a comment below! x

Silver crystal eyeliner
Blue crystal eyeliner

Shopping Trip Goodies

Every once in a while my husband comes home and announces that he fancies a bit of shopping the next day.  This doesn't happen very often but when it does I get excited, because it means that a) I get to shop while someone is there to hold the buggy and entertain Thomas b) we get to have lunch out (I just love lunch out!) and c) I get to spend!  As I work part time and we are saving to move I don't like to spend much money without discussing it first, so while I may pick up the odd bit of make up or top I rarely would spend more than £20 in one go on things that I want rather than need.  However Simon is really generous when it comes to Thomas and I and as long as he has a current game for his playstation and a few beers for the weekend he lets us buy what we want on these trips (within reason)! I know I am lucky so we do try and not go too wild!

So here is what I picked up this weekend:

Shoes - New Look £15.99
Jacket - Zara £39.99
Trousers - H&M £9.99
Jumper - H&M £14.99
Vests - H&M £3.99 each
Top - H&M £9.99
Phone case - H&M £1.99

My photos are terrible as I was taking them with a screaming child trying to grab all the bits and pieces in the room, so I have linked what I can as well for you to get a better look!

Dalmatian Trousers I love, love, love these trousers! They fit me like skinny jeans and are a bit of fun! The colours mean I can team them with most tops I own and for the price point they are a total bargain!
Neon Coral T-Shirt Its a shame they don't have the neon ones online, this top really is bright in person!  They also have bright pink instore!  Great top for brightening up blue or black jeans on days when you have no time to think about putting something together!
Black and cream basic vests  Handy basic vests, I am forever buying vests as I wear them a lot, thus wearing them out a lot!  I like these ones as they have a higher neck at the back which makes them ever so slightly different from the average vest!
Mint Jumper  I have had my eye on this for a few weeks, again I think the price point is great, oh how I do love H&M!  Again, its a nice top to put with plain jeans or trousers and will just be a good every day piece
Jacket This was a semi impulse buy as I had not intended to pick up a new jacket right now but was something I needed!  I had a real leather jacket from Zara that I adored, however it is now too big for me and as it is a fitted style just didn't look right, so I haven't been wearing it!  Which left me without a shorter jacket to wear on days when a denim jacket isn't enough but a winter coat is way too much!  This jacket is actually leather look, its made from Viscose but that is no problem for me!  I love the grey leopard print lining too.  I am sure I will wear this a lot on cooler Summer days and throughout the Autumn
Pumps I had also worn out all my black flats so I picked up these cuties as it is always useful to have some!  I love the bow detail on these and I think they will be great to match with casual or more dressed up outfits.
Phone Case - I was borrowing one from a friend as I hadn't managed to pick one up yet.  I thought this one is cute.
Revlon Lip Butter Balm Stain in Rendezvous.  As there are about a million reviews already online for this product I am just simply going to say that I had been wanting to pick one up and am glad I did.  The colour payoff is great and I find it to last about 2/3 hours on my lips.  I love the feeling of the balm and there is a subtle minty scent to the product too.  Thumbs up for Revlon!

I would love to see any bargains you have picked up recently! x

Monday, 30 July 2012

NOTD - Feeling Vampy!

Tonight I picked out BarryM nail paints in Raspberry and Bright Red with the Croc finish overlay! It's not very summery but I was feeling in the mood for reds! Xx

Sunday, 29 July 2012

ASOS and Elle Magazine freebie samples

Recently I ordered this dress from ASOS, (featured in my LOTD here ) when it arrived I knew I would love it even before I put it on and I was right! I can't wait for an excuse to wear it now!  To add to the excitement I also received a few free samples! Whoop! It is always nice to receive a sample but I was especially pleased as I already use these products or brands daily!  I got a sachet each of the Tresemme Split Remedy shampoo, conditioner and leave in treatment.  The leave in treatment sample was particularly good as you get a fair amount in there and it has lasted me just over a week so far and there is still a bit left!  I also got two small tubs of the Nivea soft moisturiser, which I haven't previously tried but I do use the regular Nivea creme a lot!

Then today I picked up Elle magazine and they have a sample of St Tropez gradual tanner included with this issue.  You can pick between shades light/medium and medium/dark and the tube size is 75ml, which I think is pretty good for a freebie!  I was actually looking for a different mag which was sold out so the free gift helped me to choose Elle as an alternative!
. I am currently making my way through a bottle of the Garnia gradual tanner so I shall keep this one sealed until I have run out!
I know that these freebies are nothing too major but I get really excited at just the smallest gift or sample so these all made my day! 

Have you had any good freebies recently? x

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Website worth checking out - Whats in My Handbag

Have you seen this new website?  Its called Whats in My Handbag and it is a place where you can basically have a nosy through other ladies handbag or submit your own handbag to the site.  You can build a Beauty Cabinet of  products that you want to try by having a look through some of the handbags on the site, reading what the owner has to say about the product and if you fancy the sound of it add it to your wishlist!  Every week they also have a professional answer a beauty question in the magazine question, which could be very handy! They even send out free samples!  I have a feeling this one could be a regular on my reading list!

Have you found any new websites recently? x

LOTD Fact or Quote #5

Oooh, I just realised that I missed a day, so i will try and catch up later day if I get a chance! Officially this should be yesterday's post!

I think this is a great message that too many people tend to forget!

anne of green gables

Happy weekend everybody! x


Another quick nail of the day post! This time I used Barry M Strawberry ice cream, Barry M Fushia and Essence Circus confetti nail art topper!  You can't see the glitter too well in this pic but it is different sized pieces of multi coloured glitter! I hope you like them! x

Friday, 27 July 2012

How to dye pasta for play

Today I decided to dye some pasta for Thomas so that he can play stringing games and such with it!  This is so simple to do and all you need are a few things that  you more than likely have kicking about the house anyway!

You will need:
Pasta shapes
Selection of food colourings

You simply mix your food colouring, I used about 2 teaspoons worth per 15 pasta tubes, with a tablespoon of vinegar.  Then you add the pasta, leave it for a few minutes and hey presto fun coloured pasta for playing with!  You will need to leave the pasta to dry out overnight but it doesn't go soft or soggy.

I had red, blue and green food colouring by Dr Oetker and although the red and blue dyes took within minutes I had to leave the green one for about half an hour and even then it isn't as vibrant as the other 2 colours.  I used 15 tubes of each as I suspect these will get crushed, lost or eaten within days but I plan to add 15 plain pasta tubes as well as a yellow option!

I also choose to use pasta tubes so that we can play different games with them, such as stringing, putting them into a clear tub to act as a colourful musical instrument or sticking onto a picture.

Have you made any cheap and easy DIY games for your children?


LOTD eBay #5

Look what I came across whilst looking for beanbag chairs!  Frog beanbag chair pattern I think these Frog and Rabbit beanbags are adorable so its just a shame that I can't sew very well!  I had better butter up my Mum before I order these! I think they would be great to have for when children come over to play with Thomas! x

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

LOTD - Books #5

I have chosen a book that I am currently reading this week.  I haven't finished it just yet but what I have read has been useful.  This book gives you advice on starting a business and how to utilise things for free, either that you already have or that are available to you.  Some of the tips have been things that I already know, but maybe have forgotten to use so it has been a great help so far :).

Health & Fitness Tip #1 Starting a new regime

Good Morning! What a lovely sunny day!  We have a shopping centre near us which is right on the water and as it is my friend's birthday we are going for a spot of shopping and lunch today! Lovely!

I thought I would share with you a good tip if you are hoping to start a healthier eating plan or increasing your fitness!  I have changed so many small habits over the years but it is really important to take it slowly.  If you change one habit at a time you will adjust to the changes more easily and be more likely to keep them up!  Whether it is adding an extra 30 minute walk into your week or adding an extra piece of fruit into your daily diet, take it one at a time and you will succeed in keeping up with your new healthier habits!

Lunch yesterday!

What are your favourite tips for keeping healthy? x


I thought I would share my NOTD with you this morning!  I have no time last night to do anything fancy so I choose a blue and green mani in Barry M colours Mint Green 304 and Blue Moon 317, since we will be by the water today!

What are your nails like today? xx

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

LOTD, Blog Post #5

For today's LOTD, which is blog post I have chosen this handy feature by adayinthelifeofems which is all about money saving tips when shopping! Definitely worth a look!


Covering chips or scratches in laminate

I wanted to share with you a great little product that my Dad bought for me a few years ago. 

When Charlie was living with us we decided to get laminate flooring as it was easier to clean and keep hegienic than a carpet, especially when he was learning to be house trained!

We got a nice dark wood effect laminate and had it put throughout our living room and hallway.  That was now 4 1/2 half years ago so over time a few small scratches and chips have appeared.  They really are not enough to replace the whole flooring but I wanted to get rid of them so my lovely Dad bought me some Liquid Scratch Cover.  I have no idea where he got my bottle from but I have found it here at Homebase for £7.99.  I have had my bottle for at least 3 years and it is no where near empty but I have used it to cover a fair few scratches! 

You simply paint the liquid onto the scratch, as you open the bottle it looks like a nail polish, wait a few seconds then buff over with a cloth! So simple, yet so useful and effective!

I love this product as it has really helped to keep my flooring look fresh and spandangly!

Have you come across any products that keep your home looking newly decorated?  Do you have any tips on DIY scratch remedies?

Monday, 23 July 2012

LOTD Clothes #5

I am starting to think this is a dangerous little game, as every Monday I end up finding something that I want and have ended up buying a few of the items! Opps!

After the couple of days of sunshine we have had I am feeling summery again and as such have hunted out some lovely Aritzia shorts.   I am in love with the style and both the terracotta and grey colours that these come in! I think that they would be really lovey for every day wear as they are nice and loose and would go well with a lot of different style tops.  Sadly I have not been able to find these available in the UK so may have to take a shopping trip to find some dupes!

I can't wait to see your picks for the day and increase my wishlist even further!! x

PS I will check back to sprinkleofglitter later to see if there is a blog post to link too!

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Keeping in Touch

Today Thomas and I are visiting my school friend and her son.  I haven't seen her since February at Thomas' first birthday party and in honesty that is probably how frequently we have managed to keep in touch over recent years, purely because everyone's lives are so busy!

For a start I have 2 sisters (my 3rd sister lives about an hour and a half away), my parents, Simon's parents and his sister all living nearby, and we see a lot of each of them.  Then we both work and I try to do Thomas friendly things like playgroup throughout the week!  Add in the weekly chores like housework and food shopping that doesn't leave a lot of time for seeing friends not to mention that your friends are just as busy and it seems nearly impossible!  But rather than give them up completely (which would be far too sad!) I try and see everybody as and when I can!

I have my closest friends that I see every week, whether it be meeting up for dinner or just popping in for a cup of tea after work and then we text, Facebook etc regularly as well.  Then I have my Mummy friends, this is a group of us that all had babies within a year of each other.  I was already friends with one of the Mummies and she knew each of us individually so she started a M&B (Mother & Baby) group that get together once a week.  I can't always go as I sometimes have customer's booked in but I do go when I can because it is great for Thomas as he gets to play and interact with the other children and good for me as I get a good old chat with the Mummies!!  We also have Simon's 3 best friends that we see regularly, mainly at the weekends in the evenings as most of them work Monday to Friday, office hours.  I am very lucky as I get on really well with all of the wives and consider them my friends in their own right.

So that is everyone that I manage to see on a regular(ish) basis.  But what about my school friends, people I have previously worked with, met at clubs etc?  These are the people who I end up seeing only every once in a while, but it still works for me.  I try and keep in touch and keep up with any news via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram - which is my new favourite thing - and try to see everybody as often as possible.

For me it is very important to keep in touch with all these people, even if we only get together once every two to three months.  After all we connected and got on well to begin with for a reason so it is nice to keep them all in my life!  It may be meeting up for a lunch in someone's break from work, or popping in for a cup if tea in the evening, taking the children out for the day or a girls night out.  As I am self employed and at home with Thomas a lot I do try and fit in with my friend's lives as they have less flexibility with their free time.

Its a good thing to remember not to get uptight if someone hasn't text you back right away or sent you a message on FB, we are all guilty of forgetting a response or taking our time at some point, well I know I am any way!
How do you keep in touch with all your friends?  Do you have any tips on how to manage my time and not leave it so long between catch ups? x

Lotd Etsy #4

Yay, its Sunday!  Which in my house means curry day!  Today we are having Thai Green curry and honestly I am excited for dinner already, hehe!

Sunday's LOTD are etsy as I am sure you know by now and I have picked out this Ipod dock and magazine rack.  We pick up a few magazines here and there but we don't read them all the time so they can hang around for quite a while.  As such I have been hunting for a stylish magazine rack for some time and this one has been my favourite so far!  As we are hoping to find a house and move soon I will be keeping this in mind to order for the new house!

Louise at SprinkleofGlitter is having a few days off so she doesn't have a post to link to today!

Saturday, 21 July 2012

LOTD Video #4

Saturday's are Video and today I have picked out this one as I think it is a helpful tip for everyone!

How to remove blackheads - AprilAthena7

Louise hasn't got a LOTD today so I can't link her! xx


Recently I seem to have acquired a few tops that have low backs or are racer style.  For this reason I wanted to get myself a NuBra.  I had one years ago and wore it to death so I wanted to try another one out.  If you have not come across this type of bra before it is basically two silicon pads, or chicken fillets as they tend to be known!  You need to apply them to each breast separately and then you clip them together in the middle.  They are great because you can space them further apart or closer together depending on how much of a cleavage you are after!  They are the perfect bra for any style of top that would ordinarily show off your bra straps or cups!  They come with a sticky adhesion on each cup which you need to gently hand wash between each use.  As you can imagine this does mean that the bras have a limited life.

I had a search on eBay and came across these FreeBras.  I thought that the combined price, including postage, was really reasonable so I decided to give this one a bash.  I ordered mine on the 23rd June and it arrived on the 20th July, which I am happy with considering it has come all the way from China.

When the bra arrived the packet was completely squashed, I would have liked to keep the item in its box to help keep it clean and retain its shape so that was a real shame, although I suspect that had more to do with the postal service than the seller!!

The actual bra is exactly what I expected.  It comes with clear straps as well if you like to use those, personally I wouldn't tend to unless I was perhaps wearing a low backed top where you wouldn't see the straps at all.  The cups are fairly thick so if you are not after extra padding then this is perhaps not for you, I don't mind either way, I wasn't looking for extra oomph but I certainly don't mind getting it!  The clip feels sturdy but I would imagine that you would still need to take relative care when putting the bra on and taking it off. 

This bra is only available in A through to D cup and officially I have a bigger bra size, but I decided to go for a D anyway.  Unfortunately they sent me a size C so this will be no good to me.  I am a bit gutted but I have sent the seller a message and hope to hear from them soon.  I think that by the nature of this type of bra one size smaller will be okay but two is pushing my luck, I don't want them to look droopy after all and I think a C would just sit at the bottom of each boob!!

All in all a good product for under £9 but a shame that I got sent the wrong size!  I will keep you updated when I hear back from the seller!

Friday, 20 July 2012

Strawberry Picking Fun

Today my sister and I wanted to take the children to do a fun activity and as the sun was shining (sort of) we decided to take a trip to a local farm where you can pick strawberries amongst other fruit and vegetables.  We let the children have a punnet each and then we had a good root around in the plants to find the biggest, reddest strawberries we could find!

The punnets were £1.60 per lb although the babies picked about half a pound each before they got bored, but as they were hunting for the best fruits this still took a while!

We had a wander around the Farm Shop where you can also buy Yankee Candles and craft supplies before we went home, so the entire trip took just over an hour and we spent about 70p each!

We had a fun afternoon and came home with some strawberries for less than £1 so we will definitely be taking the children again!  This also promotes fruit as a treat instead of sweets and as you know I am all for the healthy eating so it especially floats my boat!  I am planning to do some research and find some recipes so we can pick the fruits or vegetables and then cook with them when we get home next time.

Have you taken your children to any fun & cheap or free activities recently?

LOTD Fact or Quote #4

As I have chosen quotes every week so far I wanted to find a fact this week!  I had to do a bit of searching as I was coming across all the usual 'elephants can't jump' and 'human's ears and noses never stop growing' facts and then I found this and thought it was a pretty fun and I had never heard this before!

Did you know that the human body produces its own supply of alcohol naturally on a continuous basis, 24 hours a day, seven days a week?

Have a look over at Sprinkleofglitter to see what Louise has to say today.

Thursday, 19 July 2012

MUA Pressed Powder

When it comes to foundation I tend to jump between my BB cream, liquid foundation alone or liquid foundation with a pressed powder over the top, depending on where I am going and what look I am after!

I thought I would give the MUA pressed powder a bash as for only £1 it wouldn't have been too much of a disater if it had turned out to be naff.  I have to say though that I have been suitably impressed and am now on my second compact! 

I go for shade number 3 and I think it is a touch too dark for me, so I go lightly with the application if I have not used any fake tan!  I am planning on picking up another in shade 2 for days when my skin is its natural colour!!

Personally I find this powder gives me the type of flawless base make up look I am after plus it does help my blushers and bronzers to stick around much longer, whilst using this I always feel like my face still looks made up at the end of the day.

The packaging is simple clear plastic and feels very sturdy. All in all a great product especially for the price! x

LOTD eBay #4

I really like the peplum style skirts that are in style at the moment and find that they flatter my shape really well.  I have 2 dresses with peplums, one is very dressy and the other a bit more casual but I would like a more every day sort of style and so I found these skirts.  I thought they would look cute with a plain tight tshirt for the day times or a bit more dressed up in the evening, such a good price too.  I think I like the navy one best! Peplum skirt

Click here to see the gorgeous Owl Cushion Kits that Louise at Sprinkle of Glitter has found!

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

LOTD Books #4

Welcome to Wednesday!  Today's LOTD is books and this week I have chosen this book by Betheny Frankel called Naturally Thin.  I have just ordered this book on Amazon and have heard that it is full of healthy tips on how to eat a well balanced and healthy diet and remain slim.  I am not into fad diets but just love to feel healthy and full of energy so I am hoping that this will teach me a few things that I don't know.  I the past I have definitely fallen into the trap of thinking that a food is healthier than it actually is, for example cereal bars but I feel like I have educated myself a lot over the last few years and I am excited to carry on learning!  I have made so many little changes to my diet which have not only made me lose weight without trying but more importantly have helped me to feel better from within and more full of life and energy! Whoop, whoop!

I will do a review on the book after I have read it and let you all know if it is as good as I have heard!

Pop over to http://sprinkleofglitter.blogspot.co.uk/ to see what Louise is reading! x

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

The purple wedges broke :(

Whilst I was out on Saturday night one of the straps on my River Island purple wedges snapped! They feature in my last OOTN and my top 5 shoes posts, if you want a closer look! I returned them today and was given a refund no problem, unfortunately they didn't have my size available for a swap so instead I had a look round and spent the money on a few other bits and pieces.

The first thing I did was have a look round the shoes in River Island and I came across these cute Melissa wedges! I think they will be perfect for day times and more casual evenings out as the heel is quite low.  These were £20 which I thought was a bargain as I know I will wear these a lot! They also had them in navy and bright pink and I honestly had a tough time picking between the black and blue but I went for the black in the end, although I could easily be persuaded to pop back for the navy pair!

I then went into the Next sale, I don't usually shop in Next but we had been in there last week for work shoes for Simon and I had walked past some nice trousers which I fancied trying on today.  These were reduced to £16  and I am excited to have another option aside from jeans that I can wear on the cooler days we are having at the moment!  In this pic I am wearing them with a basic black vest that I also picked up, in my favourite place to shop, H&M and this was only £3.99.  This vest has a high back which is nice as it is a little bit different from your standard vest top.

Finally I saw this dress for £5 in the sale.  I have tried this dress on before and although the original price was only £12.99 I have never bought it before because we don't seem to have the weather for little dresses and I don't get much wear out of the ones I already have!  But when I saw it for £5 I thought even if I keep it for holidays then it will be a good item to have in my wardrobe.  When I got to the till though it was actually only £3!! So I was extremely happy with that!

I managed to get all of this for less than the £55 that i was refunded for the wedges so all in all I thought it was a successful trip!

Have you found any sale bargains? x

LOTD Blogpost #4

Happy Tuesday everybody!  For this week's blogpost love of the day I have chosen this post by Meek N Mild.  I think she looks lovely in this outfit and as mint is one of my favourite shades of the season this one was a winner for me!  So much so that I popped into town to copy the outfit!! Unfortunately my Primark didn't have the shoes in my size and although Zara had plenty of the dresses available in the sale for just over £15 the skirt just wasn't sitting right on me, sob, but after all a bargain isn't really a bargain if the item isn't right!  None the less I think Shirley suits the dress perfectly and I will still be keeping my eyes peeled incase Primark happen to have my size in the shoes one day!

Here is Louise's offering today! sprinkleofglitter


Monday, 16 July 2012

LOTD Clothes #4

I can't believe this is the start of the 4th week of LOTD's!  The weeks are zooming by!

Mondays are clothes and this week I have found this dress.   Everybody needs an LBD and my current one has served me well, I have actually had it for 5 years and it was from All Saints.  I have worn it over and over to the point where it is now looking a bit shabby so I think I need a new one and the dress from ASOS is right up my street and it is only £22!

 This is me in my All Saints dress many moons ago!

Louise at sprinkleofglitter has found a gorgeous summery skirt so be sure to have a look! x

Sunday, 15 July 2012

You can find me here and here and here....

I love Pinterest, Twitter, blogs, Facebook, Youtube, it all and always like to follow new people!  So I thought I would let you know where you can find me and if you fancy leaving your details for me below then I can add you all too!
If I went through each website every day then I would not move from my sofa so I do tend to get obsessed by one for a while then the next week it will be a different one!  My Pinterest boards are all muddled too, so I need a good sort out one day!
Do you know of any good Pinners or Tweeters I should be following? x

Update! I forgot my Instagram!  It is findyourroar, although I misspelt it at first so I am not not sure if I turn up at findyourroar or findyouroar...opps!  Instagram is my absolute favourite thing at the moment and I am forever checking it for new pics so I hope to see you there!

Lotd Etsy #3

Sunday's LOTD is Etsy and this week I have been looking for some toddler sized cutlery. Thomas loves using his fork and spoon to eat everything even if it is not entirely necessary, toast, fruit, crisps, it all gets speared or scooped! We currently have loads of plastic cutlery from the 99p shop but I remember loving having our own little sets as children, so I have been hunting for something a bit more special and came across these.  You can find these here

While I was looking I came across this tiny cutlery set!  How cute are they!  I would so love a proper dolls house and if I had a nice big spare space to keep one I definitely would!

Pop along to see sprinkleofglitter if you havn't already!

Happy Sunday everybody! x

LOTD Video #3 Late!!

Sorry this is a day late! We had a busy day yesterday and so I didn't get a chance to do my LOTD!

I did find my video of choice though, whilst my husband was driving us round!!

I really like watching videos of people doing the Dougie and I came accross this one of everyone's favourite dancer, Carlton from The Fresh Prince!  Enjoy!

Carlton dancing

Here is the link to Louise's video choice, which is a rather strange clip of a clam eating salt that you have to watch!



Just a quick outfit of the night from Saturday when I went fit dinner with my friend. The dress is from Topshop and I actually borrowed it from my sister who found it in the sale for a bargain £9! My purple wedges are from River Island and were £55 however my friend has informed me they are now in the sale for £25!


Today the Olympic torch is visiting the BMW dealership that my husband works at so we have been along this morning to have our photo taken. There were a few things going on and Thomas had a lovely morning colouring in Pride the Lion, watching local gymnasts, he also got a balloon dig made and enjoyed watching that. We had our picture taken with the torch too which is a lovely keepsake for Thomas as he won't remember these Olympics. I think it is great that businesses are putting on events like this so we can all get involved with the Olympics and I was impressed by all the freebies and activities had too, being sweets, Olympic top trump cards, the photos, face painting and more. A great fun & cheap morning for us to spend together as a family.

Opps, poor balloon dog didn't last long!

What are you doing to get involved in the Olympics?