Friday, 16 March 2012

My Brush Collection

I really love to experiment and try out new hair styles and have found that you definitely need the right tools when trying to achieve certain looks! Therefore I have found myself with the beginnings of a hairbrush and comb collection so thought I would share these with you and let you know what I use each one for!

Starting from left to right we have :
Detangling comb by Pro-tip 08 I use this comb when I am conditioning my hair to make sure that the product is evenly distributed 
Head Jog 80 Ionic Ceramic barrel brush.  This brush is brilliant for getting volume into hair during the drying process.  The brush retains heat to help set the hair and add volume as you blow dry.
Denman D3 general brush.  This is my favourite all time brush for general smoothing, detangling and brushing out your hair.  It really helps to get a smooth look for ponytails and buns and I believe everybody should have one as their all purpose brush!
Backcomb brush.  I use this brush when I want to backcomb sections of my hair to create volume and pouffs etc.
Paddle brush.  This is a rubber cushioned paddle brush and is also great for smoothing out your hair and adding shine.  I also like to use these on my hair extensions and find it pulls less on the clip ins when I have my hair extensions in.
General pink brush.  This is just an everyday general brush which I like to keep in my handbag to use when I am out and about. 
Pro-top 05 rat-tail comb.  This comb is great for creating neat partings in my hair if I want a polished look.  I also like to use this for sectioning hair whilst blow-drying or sectioning off hair whilst styling and back combing.
Comb.  General comb that I use sometimes for smoothing out my fringe or when I am out and about!

I am sure that I will find lots more useful combs and tools over time as I try out new styles and let me know if you have any different brushes/combs that you cannot live without!

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