Friday, 27 January 2012

How to Make Glitter Nail Polish

This is a really easy idea which is a great way to recycle unused or old clear nail polishes!

You will need:

Some old clear nail polish, nail polish remover or nail polish thinner, a selection of glitters.

My bottle of nail polish had a lot of hard product around the lid and was hard to open, so the first thing I did was clean around the bottle using a cotton wool pad and some nail polish remover.  Next I poured a few drops of nail polish remover into the bottle to thin out the polish.  Make sure you only add a few drops at a time to ensure that you don't make the polish too thin! The bottle I had was very old and therefore the polish had gone really gloopy, but you can miss out this step if your polish is still thin enough to use.  Give the bottle a good shake, the best technique to use is to put the bottle between your palms and roll it, as this will prevent the neck of the bottle becoming stuck like mine was!

Next you need to choose your colours, I wanted to stay away from the usual golds and silvers and create a playful look.  I also used 3 different sized glitters for a bit of variety.

Now the fun part! Pour in a little bit of each chosen colour into the bottle, I have a handy little funnel which I got with a random hot chocolate gift set but you can just carefully pour straight into the bottle, just make sure you don't pour in too much!
I would also suggest doing one colour at a time and mixing the glitters using either the rolling technique or a wooden skewer in between each new colour.  This is because the effect does not always end up as you imagined so you may decide to skip a few colours!

Once you are happy with the colour mix you can simple mix the bottle well, this may take a few minutes as the glitter tends to stick at the bottom of the bottle!  Hey presto your own homemade glitter polish!

Here is the finished polish on my nails, this is just one coat, I could apply more layers for the polish to become more sparkly!! Excuse the red line, I am not sure where that came from!!

Things to note: Some glitters will bleed colour into the polish, so the base may be tainted.  You can see in the picture above where this has happened and the polish has a brown tinge to it.

I got my glitters from Tesco's and The Range.

I am going to keep a look out for different sized, shaped and colour glitters. What colours will you try?  

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