Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Goody Simple Styles

In my quest for keeping my hair in good condition I have been on the look out for hair styling contraptions that stop me straightening it every day, so when I saw the recent advert for the Goody spin pin I thought I should give them a go.  The range is by the brand Goody and is called Simple Styles, there are 4 different products in total but I have only purchased the spin pin and modern updo pin so far.  Both pins are really easy to use, for both styles you simply start off by twisting your hair into a bun, then either 1) twist in the spin pins (you get 2 in a pack and will need to use both unless your hair is very fine) from the top and bottom to create a fast bun (without the hassle of using hundreds of bobby pins) or 2) insert the updo pin, then lift it upwards and then press downwards to secure the pin into your hair.  Both products come with clear instructions on how to create 3 styles each and both are available in 'blonde' or 'dark hair' colourways.  You can currently buy these products in Asda, Boots or Morrisons.  A very good buy for anyone who finds styling hair tricky but wants to try something a bit different!

Both pictures added are results from using the Modern updo pin and I shall add some soon from the spin pin results

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