Monday, 27 June 2011

Bathtime Treats

Here are a few of my favourite products to use whenever I get the rare opportunity for a soak in the bath!  These potions really are thes best smelling bath products I have come across!   
The first bottle on the left of the photo is a Bath milk by Original Source, the scent is Almond and Coconut but actually this smells exactly like a cherry bakewell, only downsides being that this does not make many bubbles (being a milk I don't believe that it is meant to) and the scent doesn't stick around for long once the bath has been drawn, however it is very nourishing for the skin!  The scrub in the centre is by Soap & Glory and has a lovely maple syrup scent, I find that this product does its job well and leaves my skin feeling very soft.  It uses oat, sugar, banana, almond and honey extracts so you can see why this smells so good! The bottle on the right of the picture is by n-spa and actually comes in a set of 4, this one is by far my favourite although all the bath syrups did smell good.  This scent is hot butter fudge and the smell is true to its name - also in the set were ginger bread, hot chocolate waffle and chocolate cranberry.  This product also makes lots of lovely bubbles for your bath! 
I would urge everybody who has a sweet tooth and likes a soak to try these products out as they smell so good, but you might want to take a treat into the bathroom with you!

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