Monday, 13 June 2011

Hair care favourites!

After having my hair cut into a bob (I had no real choice as it started to break after being dyed blonde) 2 years ago it has finally got to a length that I like!  I am hoping to grow it a couple of inches longer but my hair does tend to stop a few inches below shoulder length so I shall have to wait and see!  To help me keep my hair in the best condition possible I have been using a Lee Stafford product, simply called 'For hair that never grows past a certain length' for about a year and Moroccan Oil since February this year.  I would highly recommend both of these products!  The Lee Stafford product smells really good and conditions the hair so well and the Moroccan oil makes your hair so shiny!  Both products are designed to be used every few washes so I tend to alternate between one wash with Lee Stafford, one with Moroccan oil and then one without either, then begin the cycle again. You can get the Lee Stafford product in Boots or similar and I believe that the Moroccan oil range is also available in most shops, however I got mine from the hairdresser directly. 

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