Friday, 20 January 2012

Its been so long...

Wow! I can't believe that I have not posted a blog for so long, and I only managed to do a few months! The reason that I stopped was because I broke my camera and thought that posting without pics would be far too boring!  However I got a new camera for Christmas, hoorah, so I can now start blogging again!

Anyway I have decided to show a Nail of the day as my returning post and this was actually a design that I wore back in November but I really liked it and got lots of comments and compliments on it so I thought I would share  it!  The hand in the pic is actually my sister's friend as I did the same design on her a few weeks after I had worn it and the hand with the gold and black nails is my sister, I did her nails as well.
To get this look I used black and lime green striper/dotting pens, which I got in a set of 60 from Amazon and they were an absolute bargain of about £25 for the whole lot, GOSH nail paint in Miss Mole, Missguided nail paint in Misscellaneous, which I actually got free with a magazine ages ago and OPI nail paint in Copper Mountain Copper.  The pinkie nail is the nude shade with gold mylar flakes overlaid onto it ring finger has a stripe and a lime green leopard print on it, middle finger is the nude with gold glitter along one side, index finger is nude, gold mylar and a little leopard print at the free edge and the thumb is the same as the ring finger but with nude coloured leopard spots.
It is quite hard to see in the picture but the black and gold nails are similar as well.
I hope you like the look!

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