Friday, 22 July 2011

Dry Shampoo Review

I am growing the layers out of my hair and also I want the whole length to get a few inches longer, so, as the hairdresser always suggests, I try to wash it every couple of days rather than every day.  Sometimes I find that my fringe can look a bit greasy as I have a bad habit of pushing it out of my eyes all day, so I have tried out some brands of dry shampoo to help me keep my hair looking fresh for longer.  It is also brilliant for when you have just washed your hair and want to put it in an updo but its too silky.
The first product is by the brand Batiste and is the cheapest, I also believe this one is probably the easiest to find in the shops.  The pros to this brand are the cost, around £2 for the can, and the range of dry shampoos that they offer.  There are a series of different smells and also one with a hint of blonde and one with a hint of brunette (pictured).  It does also make your hair feel fresh.  The major con is that this product comes out very white and you can't actually brush out the powdery look.  I have tried the plain version and the hint of brunette version and the brunette one actually looks gray!
The next product is by Label M and this is my favourite of the 3 dry shampoos.  I got this one from my hairdresser's salon and it works brilliantly, giving a matt effect.  The product does still come out a bit white if you hold the can too close but when you brush your hair that soon comes out.  My friend has this dry shampoo by the same brand that she bought via Ebay, but she found one with a pink stripe on the packaging, and when she sprayed my hair from about a 1cm away there was no white residue at all!  I shall be keeping my eye out for that one next!
The 3rd product is by Mark Hill, Style Secrets and this is also a very good dry shampoo, it does come out a little bit white and won't brush out completly but if you have lighter coloured hair then it is an ideal product to try!  You can also purchase this product in Boots which is very handy (I would also recommend the other products in this range, I have tried most of them out myself!)

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