Wednesday, 6 July 2011

GOSH nail polish and matte effect top coat

I have been shopping again for more nail polish!  I love all nail art and try to experiment all the time to constantly have something different on my nails.  I did buy a red matte polish from Claire's a few months ago and really liked it as an alternative look to super shiny nails but I have not come across many matte polishes since so I was excited to find this matte top coat as I can now turn any colour matte, or even try painting in a a few patterns using the topcoat.  Below is a picture of the result on my ring finger compared to my other nails polished with a normal topcoat.
I also bought shades 554 Gold and 596 Miss Mole (pictured on nails) from the range and really like both colours.  The gold is a very pretty, light, yellow toned gold with a lot of shimmer and Miss Mole is a perfect neutral shade to wear with any outfit.  You do need at least 2 coats but that is standard and I have also found that these polishes last a good time before starting to chip, about 3/4 days, having tried out a lot of brands I think that is an excellent result!  I got these polishes from Superdrug and there is a really great range of colours.
 Here is a swatch of the Claire's matte polish, the gold underneath is their 'suede' look polish but in my opinion it comes out pretty similar to the matte effect, with an added bit of shimmer.  These polishes take 3 coats for a really even depth of colour but the overall result is nice.

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