Friday, 8 July 2011

Recent Buys

Hello!  I just wanted to show a few things I have bought whilst out and about recently!
Firstly here are my new earrings, I got these in Topshop and paid £6 if I remember correctly, they are made from a gold wire wrapped round in a heart shape design.  I like these drop earrings as I will be able to wear these with lots of different outfits,casual or more dressed up. 

I also got these 2 new nail polish colours, the one on the left is named Impulse and is a clear polish with a lot of pearly glitter through it, it looks very pretty shining under the light.  The polish on the right is named Smooch a baby pink with a gold shimmer through it, I decided to wear this polish today and love the result, however I did realise that I have a YSL polish already that comes out practically the same! Opps! This colour would look really good with a tan too and will go with most outfits.
Finally I came across these nail glitter pots by GOSH.  I was intrigued as I often wear Rockstar nails on my toes, which is where glitter is encapsulated into UV gel, which leaves a far more sparkly and long lasting result than a glitter polish.  The instructions on the box say to simply apply one coat of clear nail varnish and dip your nail into the pot.  I found this product to have good and bad points.  Firstly the colours are really vibrant and there is a good range to choose from.  I also like the fact that the glitter is very fine which looks better than a chunky glitter.  The points I didn't enjoy about this product is that the pot was too small to dip your finger in to coat the whole nail (I have short nail beds so this would be even more of an issue for most people) and I found that I had to pour the glitter over the nail, which is messy and I had to collect the glitter onto a piece of paper so that I didn't waste it all.  I also decided to put a top coat onto my nails to set the glitter and waited a good 10 minutes before using a brush to wipe off the excess glitter, however as you can see in the picture some of the glitter chipped away in chunks (thumb and pinky).  Finally despite leaving a small gap all around the edge of my nail I found that the glitter stuck to the edges of my fingers so it looked a bit messy, this would fall away naturally over time but I didn't want to scrub too hard after the chunks had started to come away.  This is also a time consuming way to decorate your nails so I would imagine that it would be frustrating for it to start chipping after a couple of days.  Overall a fun product but I think I shall save the glitter for my next set of gel Rockstar nails rather than follow the product instructions.


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