Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Steak and Salad recipe - Delish!

Wowee, would you just look at what I had for dinner last night!  Now I don't like to blow my own trumpet but this was good!  

I have recently come across and added Eat-Yourself-Skinny and added her blog to my following list!  This blog is a great resource for low fat, healthy recipes which include snacks, main meals and puds! 

Kelly, who writes the blog, put up a recipe for Southwest Flank Steak with Peach Salsa, which just sounded so good!
Simon didn't fancy the salsa and I had intended to make that for me and do him something different but alas I was feeling lazy so I made the following, and just swapped the spinach on my plate for new potatoes on his! Ding dong it was good!

So in this picture we have :
 Raw spinach, which I eat at almost every meal as a little garnish or side salad, even if it is just a few leaves I can't seem to get enough and always have it! 
Mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, red pepper and onions.  I cooked these in one teaspoon of  GIA Garlic Puree, which is garlic in vegetable oil.  I pick this up in the tinned vegetable aisle of Tesco and we use it in most meals.  It is convenient, saves any raw garlic from going off and I use it instead of oil.  I do sometimes have to add a smidge more oil but for this recipe I didn't bother, mushrooms will happily dry fry, as will tomatoes and the peppers and onions are nice when they go a little bit smushy and charred.  Yum!
Then to the steak! We don't often have red meat as it is more expensive and not so healthy, but every once in a while in is great to have a treat! You can have a look at the link above for Kelly's original recipe which I did follow almost to the letter but had a teeny tiny few changes, mainly as I used what was in my cupboard!
So I simply mixed together 1 tsp chilli powder, 1tsp ground cumin, 1tsp balsamic vinegar, 1tsp garlic puree, 2 tsp Worcestershire sauce and 1tsp cayenne pepper.  I used far smaller quantities than Kelly but it was more then enough!  Then you just spoon the sauce over the steak and pop under the grill.  4 minutes on each side was good for us but the timings really depend on your own preference, and I am no gourmet chef to advise you I'm afraid!  Don't forget to add more sauce when you flip the steak! 

I can't tell you how yummy the whole meal was and I am already looking forward to having this again! 

I didn't count the calories but I believe the whole thing to be about 400 and definitely under 500 calories, which is fab for a main meal!  Add more if you are having the new potatoes!

I hope you like this recipe and urge you all to check out Eat Yourself Skinny for some more great ideas! 

Have you made anything especially yummy recently that you want to share? xx

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