Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Wish List!

Just when I think that I have all the clothes etc that I need and should steer clear of town for a while I find a reason to pop in and see more things that I need (read want)  This time it was meeting my sister off of the train for the weekend.  Now I could have simply driven to the train station picked her up and gone straight home, but alas, Simon had taken the baby car seat to work so we had to get the bus, the Naomi was an hour late..so what was I supposed to do...

Here are a few things I spotted and am now desperately trying to resist buying!

Gingerbread Ultra Soft Jeggings These babies come in so many different colours and I really can't decide which I like the best, I think the Gingerbread, Wine and Forest Green ones are my favourite 3 but I do also like the Green, Ginger, Mid Wash & Indigo ones and black is always useful to have! Blimy!  At £23 they are a good price (probably not so great if I get 3 pairs...) and I think these will be perfect for the Autumn and Winter tucked into high boots which cosy jumpers over the top!

Ombre Twist Jumper  How cute is this?? And it would look great over the aforementioned jeggings!

Abama Western Ankle Boot These would be great for a Mummy like me who gets sick of always wearing flats but has to push around a buggy! The heel is nice and chunky so they are casual enough for the day and sturdy enough for me not to go flying when I have Thomas!

Revlon Just Bitten Balm Stain So I know everyone already has these and I do have the shade Rendezvous already, but I have seen a lot of swatches of the Honey shade and I think it looks lovely so I would like to pick up that one next!

DKNY Pure I have almost run out of perfume - horrors - and this one is my favourite so I need to pick up a bottle sharpish!

Sadly our microwave, hairdryer and washing machine all decided to give up in the same week, so I have a few more pressing things to buy before I can think about getting my hands on this lot!

What have you got your eye on at the moment? x

Not relevant but here is a Charlie pic! Judging by the Popeye arm I need to lay off the spinach...

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