Monday, 13 August 2012

Health and Fitness Tip #3 - Don't sweat the numbers

Rather than being a tip on something you can physically do or change this is a tip for your mind and happiness! Ahh!

For a very long time I was fixated on the 'numbers' What I mean is my dress size and the number on the scales.  I always wanted to be a smaller size and if the scales show a number that isn't round i.e exactly on a stone or a half stone, then I would think, if I can just get to that number I would be happy.

Sometimes though its just not possible or more important healthy, to chase these things!  Again this is so obvious but something I didn't acknowledge when I was younger, but not everyone can achieve size 8, 10 or 12 etc, even if they carry not an ounce of fat, because their bone structure or body shape just won't allow it!  For example I have fairly broad shoulders that are very straight, so I need a bigger size jacket.  If I pick up the smaller size it just doesn't sit well across my shoulders and then trying to squeeze a jumper underneath would be uncomfortable and does not look good!  There is no point in me being upset or annoyed that I have to get a bigger size, it is what it is and it really does not matter!  If I lost too much weight my shoulders would stick out and make me look like a scarecrow, haha!

I used to compare myself to people of my height, thinking if they can be that slim then surely I can too.  I now realise their bodies are a completely different make up to mine!  They may be blessed with a flat tummy, I may have thinner calves!  Everyone has something that others envy and that is worth remembering!

Being healthy and sexy is not all about being as tiny as you possibly can be, attractive girls come in all shapes, sizes, heights etc!

Since making changes to my diet I have lost weight but now that is not my goal, it is simply a bonus, I want my body in tip top condition so that I have more energy, better skin, shinier hair etc, these are the things that bring out your beauty, not a size 8 dress!

There are women out there who are a size 10 but are a bit podgy or soft and then there are size 16 girls who are perfectly toned.  Neither are better, neither are worse, they are both great and beautiful!

So remember, no chasing numbers, if you feel comfortable and confident and are living healthily (no calorie restricted diets please!) then that is the perfect place for you! xx

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