Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Food shopping!

Happy Monday everybody! 

I saw this post by Lea at Its Such a Wonderful Life and wanted to do a similar one!  I absolutely love food shopping and always get excited on Sunday evenings when I am doing the shopping list ready for Monday, how sad am I??

Obviously we have more food in our cupboards, things such as spices, herbs, 
balsamic vinegar, rice, pasta etc, but this was just what I needed to replenish this week!

Firstly I have my fruit and veg, this is my most favourite section in Tescos and I love getting all the fresh goodies!  Pretty much every week I have to buy spinach, lettuce (this week I went for Romaine), celery, mushrooms, tomatoes and onions.  I tend to add these to most meals in the form of a small side salad or to bulk up the vegetables in a recipe!  This week I also need carrots, parsnips and spring onions.  Simon wants burritos on his birthday, which is this week, so I got a bag of mixed salad too.  I prefer to make my own but he will only eat salad from a mixed bag!  I also picked up some lemongrass stalks as I am making a chicken and lemongrass dish on Wednesday! 

For fruit I just picked up bananas, grapes, apples and blueberries this week.  We still have some raspberries and mixed summer berries in the fridge.  Thomas loves grapes and strawberries so I always make sure I have one or the other kicking about! He calls them 'bubbles' Cute!

So then we also picked up some bits for Simon's work lunches, he is so boring and has the same every single day!  Tandoori chicken in a roll, a Pepperami, a packet of crisps and a banana!  I have tried and failed to send him with something different!  We also got grated cheese for the burritos, this bag is massive so I will have to make some cheese salads or sarnies for Thomas and try not to keep nibbling mouthfuls of it here and there!  Mmmm, cheese!  There are some choccy mousses and some low fat yogurts.  We always have these as well, the mousse' are 90 calories and the yogurts are 100 calories so these make great puds if we fancy something sweet after dinner.  I always have these cheese strings in my fridge for Thomas too as they are useful if we go out and I need to take a snack pack!  I would prefer him to have real cheese but he is temperamental with it so I usually only try at home, I really don't want to end up out and about with a hungry toddler and nothing that he will eat!

In the next pic we have white pasta, Simon is resisting my brown pasta as well, so I needed to get him some more white!  I also got some quinoa for salads and to use as an alternative to rice, pasta or couscous  and almonds for snacking.  We have the essential squash, orange, lemon and apple & blackcurrant!  The tortillas and salsas are for Simon's birthday burritos!  I picked up some normal salsa, some refried beans and some green jalapeno relish, as I thought I would get a few extra since it is a special meal.  As you have probably guessed Simon can be fussy so he will either love or hate the extras, but I hope he likes them!

Coming to the end we have fridge basics, red milk for every day and a pint of blue milk for Thomas, although he usually will only drink Cow & Gate I am persisting with the cows milk to see if he comes round to it.  Pink grapefruit juice which I have one glass of every day with breakfast and then some Alpro Almond Milk and Hazelnut milk, which is a new addition to my every day diet and I will be doing a post on soon! 

Finally we have a few store cupboard standard items, chopped tomatoes and plum tomatoes.  I use the chopped ones for meals but I love having the whole plum tomatoes for lunch with cooked mushrooms, they are sooo juicy!!  Finally some beef stock cubes! 

As you can see I try and buy as much of the Value range as I can, with things such as fresh fruit and veg and tinned tomatoes, squash etc I just don't see the point in buying more expensive alternatives, especially as we are saving to move!

I hope you like this post and I would love to see some similar ones so please send me a link in the comments if you do one!  I am such a nosy parker but it would also give me some ideas for different meals and maybe foods I have not tried!

Sorry about all the pics being at the end and being higgeldy piggeldy!  I think I need a Blogger masterclass as I seem to be able to move them with no problem on some posts and on others have no chance!

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