Tuesday, 7 August 2012

FreeBra Update!

If you didn't see my post on my recent eBay purchase of a FreeBra then here it is for you: freebra

I just wanted to do a little update for you incase anyone was thinking of buying on from this seller!

I did send the seller a message to say what had happened, that they had sent me the wrong size and it initially took going backwards and forwards a few times for them to understand what was wrong, they kept saying 'But you ordered a D'! When they eventually got the picture they then would not believe me and said that the items get checked 3 times before being sent out, so I offered to send a photo of the packaging where it clearly states Size C but they have never replied with their email address so I am unable to do that!

For the price I paid its not the end of the world and my friend is able to make use of the bra, but I just think that the seller should have acknowledged the mistake!  I would not have sent it back aS it would have cost too much all the way to China and I would probably have ordered another but as they have been so unhelpful I am not going to bother!

Ho hum! Can't win them all!  x

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