Thursday, 9 August 2012

How to keep your feet soft!

Have you ever noticed how men's feet tend to not have so much hard skin as women's?  Not fair is it!  This is usually due to the fact that men tend to wear socks with their shoes and don't often wear heels!

Keeping your feet callus free and looking smooth and beautiful is actually really simple, all you need to do is spend a few extra minutes in the shower and a few extra minutes moisturising!

Dry filing or using too much pressure can actually make the issue worse and the callus thicker, so be gentle with your feet!  When you are in the shower or bath take a foot file and swipe the skin using a medium pressure, remembering not to see saw the skin, use the same motion as you would to file your nails!

There are many different files and pumices out there and I personally prefer the kind that look like a giant nail file, these usually come with a courser side and a smoother side. 

Body Shop - £4.50

Pumice Stone and Foot Massager
Lloyds Pharmacy £5.49

Ever Ready Footfile
Amazon £3.24  Everready Footfile

Finally you need to moisturise your feet well and the best way is the old trick of moisturising before bedtime then popping on a pair of cotton socks over night.  I must admit though that I just cannot do socks in bed so I slather something on whilst I am moisturising the rest of my body after my morning shower and then wear socks around the house until I need to go out!

My preference is good old Vaseline, but again there are so many foot creams out there that I am sure you will find something you love!


Start adding these two quick and simple steps into your routine and you will see a difference almost immediately! Keep it up and you will never be embarrassed of your feet again!

Happy heel wearing everyone! x

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