Sunday, 24 June 2012

Coconut Oil

I am still trying to grow my hair and feel like I am getting there with it now, it sits just at the top of my bra strap so another 2/3 inches and I will be winning! Hoorah!

In my quest to keep my hair as healthy and shiny as possible and to try and stretch out the time between cuts I have been using Coconut oil on my hair a couple of times week.  I coat the ends in the oil overnight every 2/3 days, basically the night before I am planning to wash my hair, then in an attempt to save my pillows I tend to put my hair into a plait and put on a spray tan cap, although most nights this comes off!!  I find that by doing this my hair is much shinier and who doesn't want shiny hair?! Plus my hair feels softer and the ends don't split as easily, all things I like for my hair!  I got my Coconut oil in Holland and Barrett and it was around the £15 mark, a couple for days after I bought it they had their buy one item get one for a penny deal on and I kicked myself for forgetting they do that, so next time the deal is on I will definitely be stocking up!
I have had this pot for 3 months and am about a third of the way through so far which I think is excellent as it will take me a long time to use up the whole tub!  The science behind this is that is reduces protein loss in the hair and it can also be used as a general body moisturiser, I did try this out but I like to use body butters and I found it too greasy (or oily obvs!) but if you like to use baby oil then this may be a good alternative for you.

For the last six weeks I have also been using the Tresemme Split Remedy products on my hair, which includes the serum, leave in treatment and more recently the shampoo and conditioner.  As I mentioned I wash my hair every 2/3 days if possible and during the first 3/4 uses of the shampoo and conditioner I was finding that my hair looked quite lank after the first day however after persevering with the products (I wasn't going to waste nearly full bottles) my hair seems to have gotten used to the change and is back to being a bit more bouncy! I am still looking forward to trying a full size of the L'oreal shampoo and conditioner as mentioned in an earlier post.;postID=6662383814408629110 

 Now the serum and leave in treatment I absolutely love!  I use these products daily either on wet hair just after I have washed it or on dry ends.  When you first apply the products you can see it on the hair but after about 10 minutes it has totally soaked in.  I use one pump of each and concentrate as much on the very ends as possible and I have definitely noticed an improvement to the ends of my hair, which gain, I am hoping will result in longer periods between cuts and hopefully a bit of extra length as a result!

Have you tried any split end treatments that really work?  What are your favourite products for soft and shiny hair?


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