Monday, 25 June 2012

Sprinkle of Glitter LOTD - Clothes

Ahh, Sprinkle of Glitter, how I do love your blog! Louise (from Sprinkle of Glitter fame) has started a new feature on her blog, entitled LOTD or Love of the Day.  Here is the link to her post all about this feature

On Mondays she will be posting about an item of clothing that she has found and fallen in love with and has invited her followers to join in.  As a lover of clothes and of Sprinkle of Glitter how could I not??

I probably have far too many dresses in my wardrobe, but whenever I look at clothes websites dresses are what I gravitate to first, every single time.  This week I have actually seen 2 that I could not decide between to link to this blog post.  I love Missguided and have quite a fair few of their dresses in my collection already and I like the fact that the put the model's height on the information page.  Both of these dresses have models that are taller than me (I am 5"6) and unfortunately both dresses look like they might sit at the wrong point of my legs.  None the less I think both are really pretty and girly and would be great for both day and night.

Which dress is your favorite? Are you coveting any clothes this week? x

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  1. OMG that polka dot dress is sooooo cute. Love it. Your so right these posts are very dangerous :P x x