Monday, 4 June 2012

Freebies with Instyle Magazine!

I was planning to get myself a magazine or 2 to take on holiday in the vain hope that Thomas may let me read one by the pool for 1/2 each day and had seen on AThriftymrs that there are lots of freebies on magazines this month, yay!  So I headed out to Tescos and had a look to see which one took my fancy and went for Instyle, which has a Bodyshop mascara included, (you can also pick one up that has two eyeliner pencils, in black and French Navy).  I was pretty happy with this as I needed a new mascara and I gave it a whirl yesterday with these results, shame about the odd angle I managed to take the photo in!! I have only worn this once and think that as a freebie it is fab, if I am being picky I would say that it makes my eyelashes more spiky looking than my usual mascara which is the Maxfactor False Lash Effect but overall this mascara coats well and didn't smudge under my eye and I had it on from 10am till about 12pm!  So I was impressed with that!

However the most exciting thing for me was the shampoo sample also in the magazine!  I had somehow managed to stockpile so much shampoo and conditioner that in January I decided that I was not going to buy any more until it was all gone and I am just now on the last bottles, which actually don't match, the shampoo being Herbal Essences and the conditioner Supersoft, but they seemed to be working just fine and I have been using different ones all year anyway.  The samples are of  L'oreal Hair Expertise Everpure and the bottle looks like it is a light pink with a darker pink cap.  I decided to use the samples yesterday because I don't like to have stuff lying around and it was soooo nice! The was the shampoo lathered up felt so luxurious and the bubbles felt really thick so I was instantly impressed!  The conditioner felt nice, nothing out of the ordinary whilst it was going on to be honest but lovely all the same and the scent of both was lovely.  When I dried my hair I was again so impressed, it feels so silky and looks really shiny plus although there are no claims on the packaging that say it helps split ends I feel like the ends look a lot healthier!  The blurb on the pack of both packets is the same and says: ' Colour Care System with botanical oils.  Respects the hair fibre.  Non sulphate cleansing system.  Specially designed to leave coloured, weakened hair looking shin and nourished.'  and I have to say that from the one wash I think it does what it says on the tin for sure!  I will definitely by purchasing these products in full size and look forward to seeing if it continues to do such a great job!
Have you had any great samples or freebies recently?  Make sure you check out, it is a fab blog!

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