Sunday, 17 June 2012

Superdrug BB Cream

I have just returned from a fabulous week in Corfu, which was actually our son's first holiday abroad and experience of flying!  Wow, what a difference being on holiday with a small child makes, we knew he would be hectic but I don't think we realised just how much! Desite the lack of relaxation we had a great time and Thomas had a whale of a time running round with all the other children!
Anyhoo, on to the reason for this post, Superdrug's BB Cream.  I have read many reviews on BB Creams and thought it would be the perfect answer to a base make up on holiday, my tan can look a bit patchy, especially around my forehead so I like to put on something in the evenings but I usually feel like a full on foundation is way too much in the heat.  I saw both the Superdrug and Mabelline versions and lumped for Suerdrug's own purely because it was on a £2 off deal and you got more product (20ml is my memory serves me correctly!)

Here are my 'before and after use pics', these were taken before we went on holiday but as we tried to keep out of the sun with Thomas we didn't get super tanned anyway!
As you can see Thomas loves to 'say cheese' and sneaked into my make up free picture!  The 2nd picture shows me with just the BB Cream and no other product on, as these creams claim to include a moisturiser, primer and concealer I wanted to try it for the week without the use of any of these other products, although I did moisturise as well while on holiday as we had been in the heat sweating all day!  My first imressions of this cream were good, okay my eyes my still be a little bit dark around the edges and it certainly isn't full coverage so blemishes were toned down rather than hidden but I think it does enough of a cover up for me to feel confident about the way my skin looks.  I also like the way it gives a dewy and almost glowing look to my skin, which is especially nice on holiday with bronzer!

 And here I am with a all my other make up over the top! 

I choose the shade light as I thought the medium looked too orange for me and it was a good choice, there are only 3 shades (also dark, obvs) to choose from and the product is adaptive as it worked just as well over my (slight) tan!  I found this blended nicely and I was able to build it up lightly on my chin, which decided to have a little breakout whilst we were away!  I do tend to always have a few spots and red blemishes and I still found that this cream worked well for me and at £6.99 I am really impressed, I will definitely repurchase even at the £8.99 full price, I would also be interested to try the Mabelline version which is £7.99 and have seen an MUA cream for £4 on the Superdrug website which may be worth a bash, the have some more that are a bit more expensive so maybe if I am feeling flush I will try those too!  If you are looking to cover every dark circle and red mark this probably isn't for you but if you are happy with lighter coverage, maybe for the daytime, then I would definitely recommend that you give this product a go!  I consider myself a fan!

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