Wednesday, 20 June 2012

How to make use of a day at home!

Thomas and I are not very good at staying in all day, so whilst I was excited to be getting a new phone yesterday there was a bit of standing at the door, screaming and trying to get out going on, and that was just me...
To try and keep us entertained & not too miffed about missing the nice weather (no garden at the flat) and at the same time not waste the day watching TV I decided to combine lots of playing with some round the flat chores that I had been putting off.
After the usual washing up, clothes washing and ironing whilst Thomas has his breakfast start to the day I rolled up the rug and got out Thomas' painting things.  This might sound like I am a mean Mummy but as we don't tend to spend much time at home and painting can be quite a messy affair I try to keep this as a treat, so Thomas had a great time, mainly painting himself!  This was also a good opportunity to sweep under the rug!  
 We then moved into Thomas' room so that he could play with the toys in there at the same time as I sorted through his clothes.  He is only 16 months but some of his 12-18 months clothes are looking a bit tight and some just a bit too stained and we have a stock of the next size up waiting so this was a job that did need doing.  We then went into my bedroom where I straightened out my wardrobe.  I managed to pick out a few things for the charity shop however I have so many things that I never seem to wear but don't want to get rid of, so I decided to try AThriftyMrs' coat hanger tip and have given myself until Christmas, anything that is still on a coat hanger that is hanging 'the wrong way' will be out!  As you may be able to see I already hang my clothes in colour order so this type of thing really appeals to me!  Here is the link to athriftymrs blog post.

Then Thomas had a nap so I decided to tackle my oven.  This is a job that I have been putting off for far too long to tell the truth and I am not really sure where I got the oopmh to do it from, but I am glad I did! It took me a looooong time and I think we will be having microwave dinners for a week now to avoid it getting dirty again!

Finally, we had a packet of cress seeds which Thomas got as a freebie in his children's activity pack at the Slug and Lettuce so we planted those in a little pot.  I was really excited by this freebie even though Thomas has no idea what they are!  I love having pot plants in the flat and have a chilli plant in the kitchen from which we do use the chillis in our meals so hopefully we can have egg and cress sarnies in a few weeks too!

So all in all maybe not a mega exciting day, but I feel like we made good use of the time we had in the flat and good use of things we had around for activities!  What do you do to make good use of time waiting for deliveries etc?  Have you had any good freebies recently?

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