Friday, 29 June 2012

LOTD Quote/Fact

Louise has chosen a Fact or Quote for Friday's LOTD, please click here to see her original post!

I have also pinched mine from my Pinterest board.  The image shows a girl working out but actually the message can be applied to anything you want to do/achieve, not just fitness!  I think it is a good message to remember when you are feeling like something is out of your reach!

Start now!

Here is a link to my pinterest if you would like a snoop :) 

As usual I am looking forward to seeing all the other entries today! x


  1. I lovelovelove this quote! It's much easier said than done though, I must admit... I also must get back into running, eek! Haha, thanks for the reminder. :P

    Here's mine, if you'd like to have a nosy. :-)

  2. Thanks! 'Tis deffo a good one, but yes I agree, sometimes easy to forget!! I have been away this weekend so shall have a good catch up on web tonight and will have a look! xx