Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Flax/Linseeds for shiny healthy hair!

As I am sure you have all gathered I am a woman on a mission to long, shiny, healthy hair!

During my quest a tip that I have come across on the wonderful world wide web is that consuming Flax seeds is great for achieving healthy hair.  What I have read states that the seeds contain the Omega 3 fatty acids that help promote healthy hair, skin and nails and helps to prevent hair loss as well!  Fabbies!

As I have a slight addiction to eating low fat yogurt with fruit in and do that every day anyway I have been adding the Flax seeds to the snack.  

I have just been bunging them into the bowl but whilst I was double checking my facts for this post I found most websites recommend actually grinding the seeds to ensure all the goodness is digested, so I may have to now invest in a coffee grinder!  I also read that these seeds have other health benefits such as lowering cholesterol and helping to achieve weight loss, so that is an added bonus for me, as I am not eating them for those reasons.
I have been eating these seeds for about 3/4 months now and I have noticed that my hair is looking shinier (I assume only the new growth will count??) and also my eyelashes are longer! As a short eyelashed girl this has been a very welcome advantage!

What are your tips for shiny hair and health ends? x

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