Thursday, 12 July 2012

A Very Productive Week

I have been lucky enough to have had a lot of fun things happen over the past month.  We have been on holiday to Corfu, I had my friend's hen do in Cardiff, then it was my sister's 18th, my Dad's 55th and then the boys went off on the stag do! Phew!  Whilst it has all been super fun I realised at the weekend that a few things have been forgotten while we were having a jolly old time, so as a catch up I have spent this week being very productive!

Home - We are saving to move and so far have talked about it a lot and put away what we can, but we decided that we should get the ball rolling and see a mortgage adviser.  I am feeling excited now that we know how much we can increase our mortgage by and all the details that go with it!
This also made me want to crack on with a few other jibs around the flat. So I have sorted through and put some bits and pieces on eBay which should really have gone a while ago!  I have also given some new baby toys to my sister, as Thomas has outgrown them and got a pile of books ready for the Charity shop!  The next household job is to freshen up the flat with a lick of paint and then I think we will be ready for valuations and viewings! Exciting!

Thomas - I realised that whilst Thomas enjoyed his holiday and has spent time with both sets of Grandparents and evenings with us and our friend's recently we haven't actually done any toddler specific activities since before holiday! This makes me feel so bad for him but it is easily done as life takes over.  So this week we attempted a visit to the Playshack, unfortunately Thomas was asleep by the time we got there!  I have also taken him to a Surestart play group session, visited a Mum & Baby group and scheduled a play date with my sister and cousin Isabelle, who is a year older than Tom.  He also had a few hours with his Nana today while I was at work, so all in all a better week for Thomas to play and have some fun!

Food & Exercise - As per my post of a few weeks ago I put on a bit of weight on my holiday, which is fine I had fun, let my hair down and enjoyed a few treats!  Since I got back I have tried to get back into my normal eating and exercise patterns, but what with the hen do and birthdays I have still ended up eating and drinking more than usual.  Then, horrors, my treadmill died! This was bad news for me because I use it at least 4/5 times a week, more if I have the time.  I started to go out for walks etc instead but if I am honest the weather has been putting me off.  This week I decided to dip into the savings and get myself a stepper, as they are far cheaper and smaller than a new treadmill would be!  I found that I had felt a bit lethargic over the last few weeks and I know that is down to diet and less exercise so I have stepped up (hehe) my game and also upped my fresh fruit and veg intake and sure enough, this week I am feeling far more alert, plus my scales are moving in the right direction, whoop!

Work - I am a self employed mobile beautician & only went live with my business in September.  I am currently building up my clientele however what with holiday etc and being a Mummy sometimes I find that I can let the advertising and promotions side of things slip.  I have been fairly busy with customers this week and did run a competition to win a spray tan but am setting aside tomorrow to think up some promotions and offers for the coming months!  I did complete some paperwork and buy supplies as well this week already so that was positive too!

We have lots of plans over the weekend to visit friends and family so I think it will be a good end to a very productive week!

Have you achieved much this week?  Do you have any tips for keeping on track? x

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