Thursday, 12 July 2012

LOTD eBay #3

Happy Thursday everybody!  The LOTD today is eBay, another easy one for me!

Recently I bought one of these nifty shoe stretchers.  I have wide feet and quite often find that if I get a size 7 they slop off but a size 6 pinches, so I thought I would give one of these a try with my smaller sized shoes.  I have stretched 2 pairs so far and the tool has been brilliant! I highly recommend getting one if like me you can't get the perfect fitting shoes straight from the shop!  You only get one sent though so if you have an event in mind then you need to get stretching a few days early to be able to do both!

Have a look over at sprinkleofglitter to see the Bling It tool that Louise has shared!

Happy eBaying! x

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