Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Car Eyelashes for Sale!

This is a cheeky post, but we are currently sorting through our flat trying to declutter and refresh things ready to put it on the market.  Ooo exciting!  As such I thought I would take the chance to let you all know that we have fun Car Eyelashes for sale on eBay!  They come with plastic 'crystal' eyeliner in either pale blue, silver or bright pink and are £5.50 if you include the cost of the postage!  We are down to the last sets now and I would like to sell them ASAP so that we can empty the cupboard just a little bit more!

The pink ones currently are not on eBay as I only have 4 pairs left and need to put on a new listing, but they are still for sale!

Here is a link if you are interested or of course you can leave me a comment below! x

Silver crystal eyeliner
Blue crystal eyeliner


  1. I've seen those car eyelashes before shame i don't have a car yet :( x


  2. They are really fun :) You should get some ready for when you do! hehe x