Tuesday, 17 July 2012

The purple wedges broke :(

Whilst I was out on Saturday night one of the straps on my River Island purple wedges snapped! They feature in my last OOTN and my top 5 shoes posts, if you want a closer look! I returned them today and was given a refund no problem, unfortunately they didn't have my size available for a swap so instead I had a look round and spent the money on a few other bits and pieces.

The first thing I did was have a look round the shoes in River Island and I came across these cute Melissa wedges! I think they will be perfect for day times and more casual evenings out as the heel is quite low.  These were £20 which I thought was a bargain as I know I will wear these a lot! They also had them in navy and bright pink and I honestly had a tough time picking between the black and blue but I went for the black in the end, although I could easily be persuaded to pop back for the navy pair!

I then went into the Next sale, I don't usually shop in Next but we had been in there last week for work shoes for Simon and I had walked past some nice trousers which I fancied trying on today.  These were reduced to £16  and I am excited to have another option aside from jeans that I can wear on the cooler days we are having at the moment!  In this pic I am wearing them with a basic black vest that I also picked up, in my favourite place to shop, H&M and this was only £3.99.  This vest has a high back which is nice as it is a little bit different from your standard vest top.

Finally I saw this dress for £5 in the sale.  I have tried this dress on before and although the original price was only £12.99 I have never bought it before because we don't seem to have the weather for little dresses and I don't get much wear out of the ones I already have!  But when I saw it for £5 I thought even if I keep it for holidays then it will be a good item to have in my wardrobe.  When I got to the till though it was actually only £3!! So I was extremely happy with that!

I managed to get all of this for less than the £55 that i was refunded for the wedges so all in all I thought it was a successful trip!

Have you found any sale bargains? x

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