Friday, 6 July 2012

My Favourite Shoes!

I am a serious shoe lover, as most of us women are!  As such I thought I would share with you my favourite or most worn 5 pairs of shoes!
In no particular order we have :

Jeffery Campbell in Office £120 bought May 2012.  I was actually umming and ahhing over getting the Nightwalks, but I would have had to order them online and as I have wide feet I really like to try shoes on (I am rubbish at returning things) Then I saw these in Office and I loved them!

Carvella £120 bought February 2010.  I did actually order these online but I loved them so so much!  These are probably my most worn shoes as they go with a lot of my outfits and are on of my most comfortable pairs of heels.

River Island £55 bought June 2012.  These are my newest pairs of shoes and I am so excited to wear them over the summer.  I love the soft lilac colour and am a big fan of the wedge as they are usually comfortable!  I really like the gold panel on the back of the heel too!  I think these shoes look much better in real life than in the pics!

The Crystal Boutique £70 (now £95) Summer 2011.  I can't remember which exact month I got these, I feel like it was maybe September..not sure!  I found this website via Twitter and the girl who makes these attaches the crystals by hand!  Again the pictures are not doing the shoes justice as they are so mega sparkly in real life!  When I ordered these you were able to choose the shoe colour and the crystal colour and I choose Midnight Blue with rainbow clear crystals.  The website thecrystalboutique is most definitely worth a look!  Jordan is extremley friendly and as the heels take a few weeks for her to put together she kept in touch with me along the way which was great.

Vivian Westwood for Melissa on ASOS.  February 2009 or 2010.  I got these for my birthday but I can't remember which year it was!  Also I didn't pay for them as they were a gift but I think they were about £85. I am pretty sure you can still get these in different colour ways and with different designs on.  I am pleased that I choose the nude and black ones as I can wear them with most things.  If I am going for heels it is rare that I will pick anything that isn't huge but on the occasions when I want to be comfortable these are a usual pair of shoes to have in my collection!

Doing this post I have noticed that I have picked out more expensive pairs, but I do have lots o cheaper shoes too!  I am a bit of a cheapskate when it comes to fashion because I know I get bored quickly but shoes is one thing I don't mind spending out on!

Would you like to see my top 5 pairs under £50 each?  Would you like to see my favourite flats or just more of my collection?

I would love to see some pics of your favourite shoes! x

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