Friday, 13 July 2012

Chameleon colours!

I just popped to Superdrugs with Thomas to grab a few bits and bobs and came across these Barry M nail polishes. Now I am not supposed to be buying unnecessary things at the moment so this was a bit of a naughty purchase!

These polishes remind me of those magic colour change pens, as you just put a clear top coat over the colour once it has dried to see it magically change before your eyes!

I try to do my nails with my much loved gel polish as often as I can, but sometimes with a hectic baby around its just not possible, so it is nice to have a stock of fun polishes to play with and whenever I am buying non-professionally I always go for Barry M as they have a great range of colours, a selection of effect polishes and are pretty easy going on my purse! These polishes are £3.99 each and will be a quick way to add some nail art! There were three coloursways available, blue To purple, pink to purple and lilac to purple, my favourite is the lilac one. It's a bit of a shame that they all change to various purple shades and not any other colours, I wonder if that was the easiest colour to make!

I found that when you apply the clear it is best to load your brush as the effect can be a little bit patchy and obviously you are not able to apply a top coat.

All in all a great fun product!

Side note: my laptop is dying, sob, so I am blogging from my phone and have no idea how the photos will be displayed, so apologies if this post is a bit unorganised looking!

Have you found any fun make up products recently? X

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