Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Covering chips or scratches in laminate

I wanted to share with you a great little product that my Dad bought for me a few years ago. 

When Charlie was living with us we decided to get laminate flooring as it was easier to clean and keep hegienic than a carpet, especially when he was learning to be house trained!

We got a nice dark wood effect laminate and had it put throughout our living room and hallway.  That was now 4 1/2 half years ago so over time a few small scratches and chips have appeared.  They really are not enough to replace the whole flooring but I wanted to get rid of them so my lovely Dad bought me some Liquid Scratch Cover.  I have no idea where he got my bottle from but I have found it here at Homebase for £7.99.  I have had my bottle for at least 3 years and it is no where near empty but I have used it to cover a fair few scratches! 

You simply paint the liquid onto the scratch, as you open the bottle it looks like a nail polish, wait a few seconds then buff over with a cloth! So simple, yet so useful and effective!

I love this product as it has really helped to keep my flooring look fresh and spandangly!

Have you come across any products that keep your home looking newly decorated?  Do you have any tips on DIY scratch remedies?

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