Sunday, 15 July 2012

Lotd Etsy #3

Sunday's LOTD is Etsy and this week I have been looking for some toddler sized cutlery. Thomas loves using his fork and spoon to eat everything even if it is not entirely necessary, toast, fruit, crisps, it all gets speared or scooped! We currently have loads of plastic cutlery from the 99p shop but I remember loving having our own little sets as children, so I have been hunting for something a bit more special and came across these.  You can find these here

While I was looking I came across this tiny cutlery set!  How cute are they!  I would so love a proper dolls house and if I had a nice big spare space to keep one I definitely would!

Pop along to see sprinkleofglitter if you havn't already!

Happy Sunday everybody! x

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