Wednesday, 4 July 2012

LOTD Book #2

Wednesday is book day!  Click here for SprinkleofGlitter's post, which is a really useful book on blogging that I shall probably order!

As a teenager I was totally obsessed with Jennifer Lopez, I loved her style, her look, her music, everything! I was also very into trying out new make up looks and experimenting with make up. So my Gran bought me this book for one of my birthdays, (I think she saw the pic of J-Lo inside!) I can't remember which one but it has to be at least 12/13 years ago!

This was my first make up book and it taught me alot! Although it is aimed at Latina's the advice and tips can be applied to anyone and I still have the book now! I love looking through it and still copy the looks featured from time to time!  I have tracked down but can only seem to find it available overseas! Here is a website detailing a list of online stockists if you would like to have a look!  

Again I am looking forward to finding some new books through your replies this week! x

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