Thursday, 5 July 2012

Sweet Charlie of Mine

 A bit about my Charlie dog for the animal lovers! 

 Charlie is a 4 year old Lhasa Apso and he is pretty true to the characteristics of the breed, he definitely has his favourite people and can be quite protective, but he is also a huge sweetie and has some very cute habits!


As we live in a flat with no garden I found it difficult to take Charlie out once Thomas came along, unfortunately nipping out for a 5 minute stroll and pee break for Charlie wasn't so easy anymore, so Charlie has gone to live with my parents for now.  It was a sad decision but I obviously get to see him a few times a week still and we try to fit in an extra special walk once a week if we can,, somewhere fun like the nature reserves, as Thomas is getting older he enjoys this too so its a win-win!

My parents are at home a lot and Charlie loves the extra company, not to mention the daily snack breaks that he has with my Dad! They sit on the sofa about 3pm for a coffee and biscuit (Dad) and a Schmacko (Charlie) and then again at 10pm! Dad works from home and is self employed so these are his coffee breaks!  If Charlie feels like my parents haven't paid him enough attention that day he will get restless and do something cheeky, at the moment he has taken to dragging the cushions from the sofa into whichever room they are in!  He has also been known to drag his feeding mat to the dining table and eat with the family, he has done that at my flat and at my parents, its just a shame he has usually lost half his dinner and water by the time he arrives!

Charlie thrives on routine and you can see a definite change in him if there has been something unusual happen in his day, or if too many people have been around!  He also has the company of Poppy the cat at my parent's house, sadly I don't have a photo of her!  Poppy is about 12 years old and keeps Charlie in line if he gets too big for his boots!

Whilst I do miss Charlie I am glad that we could keep him in the family and it is so nice to see him pootling round the garden or cuddled up with my sister, or attempting to play with Poppy (she mostly just gives him a look, but he keeps trying!) knowing that he is getting the love he deserves and needs!

Are you a cat or a dog person?  Have you had to make changes to accommodate your growing family?


  1. Hey great post!! Thats a shame you had to give him to your parents to look after, but as you say at least he is still in the family!! :) I have tow cats and they are my little babies!!I love them wayy too much! hehe i could never actually give them up like it would break me to pieces! I guess tho that cats are easier a shey dont rely on you for walks, but my cats are indoors so its ok! hehe thanks for this lovely post and the great photos! he looks so cheeky! very cute!

    Jen xxx

  2. I love cats too but am allergic unfortunately :( I have to make sure I take my Piriton before I go to my parent's house! Charlie is deffo a cheeky chappy! I will keep you updated with news and pics on my blog! x