Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Shopping Trip Goodies

Every once in a while my husband comes home and announces that he fancies a bit of shopping the next day.  This doesn't happen very often but when it does I get excited, because it means that a) I get to shop while someone is there to hold the buggy and entertain Thomas b) we get to have lunch out (I just love lunch out!) and c) I get to spend!  As I work part time and we are saving to move I don't like to spend much money without discussing it first, so while I may pick up the odd bit of make up or top I rarely would spend more than £20 in one go on things that I want rather than need.  However Simon is really generous when it comes to Thomas and I and as long as he has a current game for his playstation and a few beers for the weekend he lets us buy what we want on these trips (within reason)! I know I am lucky so we do try and not go too wild!

So here is what I picked up this weekend:

Shoes - New Look £15.99
Jacket - Zara £39.99
Trousers - H&M £9.99
Jumper - H&M £14.99
Vests - H&M £3.99 each
Top - H&M £9.99
Phone case - H&M £1.99

My photos are terrible as I was taking them with a screaming child trying to grab all the bits and pieces in the room, so I have linked what I can as well for you to get a better look!

Dalmatian Trousers I love, love, love these trousers! They fit me like skinny jeans and are a bit of fun! The colours mean I can team them with most tops I own and for the price point they are a total bargain!
Neon Coral T-Shirt Its a shame they don't have the neon ones online, this top really is bright in person!  They also have bright pink instore!  Great top for brightening up blue or black jeans on days when you have no time to think about putting something together!
Black and cream basic vests  Handy basic vests, I am forever buying vests as I wear them a lot, thus wearing them out a lot!  I like these ones as they have a higher neck at the back which makes them ever so slightly different from the average vest!
Mint Jumper  I have had my eye on this for a few weeks, again I think the price point is great, oh how I do love H&M!  Again, its a nice top to put with plain jeans or trousers and will just be a good every day piece
Jacket This was a semi impulse buy as I had not intended to pick up a new jacket right now but was something I needed!  I had a real leather jacket from Zara that I adored, however it is now too big for me and as it is a fitted style just didn't look right, so I haven't been wearing it!  Which left me without a shorter jacket to wear on days when a denim jacket isn't enough but a winter coat is way too much!  This jacket is actually leather look, its made from Viscose but that is no problem for me!  I love the grey leopard print lining too.  I am sure I will wear this a lot on cooler Summer days and throughout the Autumn
Pumps I had also worn out all my black flats so I picked up these cuties as it is always useful to have some!  I love the bow detail on these and I think they will be great to match with casual or more dressed up outfits.
Phone Case - I was borrowing one from a friend as I hadn't managed to pick one up yet.  I thought this one is cute.
Revlon Lip Butter Balm Stain in Rendezvous.  As there are about a million reviews already online for this product I am just simply going to say that I had been wanting to pick one up and am glad I did.  The colour payoff is great and I find it to last about 2/3 hours on my lips.  I love the feeling of the balm and there is a subtle minty scent to the product too.  Thumbs up for Revlon!

I would love to see any bargains you have picked up recently! x


  1. A good shopping trip with some great buys :) I'm so i need of a shopping trip

    Tanesha x

  2. Thanks :) I hope you get to do a spot of shopping soon! x

  3. That jacket is lovely, really great value! Thanks for your comment, I hadn't bothered since I didn't have the receipt but I definitely will now :) Thankyou!

    Grace x

  4. Its always worth a go, hopefully they will swap it or give you a store credit :) Thank you, I have already worn it quite a bit since we bought it, definitely a good buy! x