Friday, 20 July 2012

Strawberry Picking Fun

Today my sister and I wanted to take the children to do a fun activity and as the sun was shining (sort of) we decided to take a trip to a local farm where you can pick strawberries amongst other fruit and vegetables.  We let the children have a punnet each and then we had a good root around in the plants to find the biggest, reddest strawberries we could find!

The punnets were £1.60 per lb although the babies picked about half a pound each before they got bored, but as they were hunting for the best fruits this still took a while!

We had a wander around the Farm Shop where you can also buy Yankee Candles and craft supplies before we went home, so the entire trip took just over an hour and we spent about 70p each!

We had a fun afternoon and came home with some strawberries for less than £1 so we will definitely be taking the children again!  This also promotes fruit as a treat instead of sweets and as you know I am all for the healthy eating so it especially floats my boat!  I am planning to do some research and find some recipes so we can pick the fruits or vegetables and then cook with them when we get home next time.

Have you taken your children to any fun & cheap or free activities recently?

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