Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Quick Tip - Pink Grapefruit Juice

Whilst we were in Cardiff and tucking into our last full English Breakfast of the weekend we were inevitably talking about getting back to normal eating once we got home and diet tips, all the usual food related girl conversations that I seem to have with my friends!  My sister in law mentioned that when she was on her post pregnancy Weight Watchers diet she got to a point where she only had a few more stubborn pounds to lose but could not seem to shift them, so after a couple of weeks her leader told her to try drinking a glass of pink grapefruit juice every morning and she said that sure enough after only a week of doing that she hit her goal weight.  So I have done a little bit of research to find out the science behind this and basically the fruit has a fat burning enzyme which can help to absorb and reduce sugar in the body

I also found out that pink grapefruit can help to prevent the common cold, breast cancer, stomach and pancreatic cancer, cholesterol, diabetes and insomnia.  The juice can also help to relieve a sore throat and cough, reduce water retention ans swelling of the legs during pregnancy and reduce a fever.   Drinking a glass of grapefruit juice at night can help with fatigue and finally it can also help to aid digestion!  Phew, pretty good all round!

Will you give pink grapefruit juice a try? x

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