Monday, 2 July 2012

Belated LOTD Video and Etsy

Okay, so I am now catching up on  the 2 posts that I missed over the weekend!
Firstly we have Saturdays LOTD, which was Video and I have chosen this one from YouTube by Dope2111.  This girl is A.MAZE.ING with make up and her videos are just brilliant to watch. I choose this one where she transforms herself into Jessica Rabbit because it is a really fun character but to be honest all the videos are fascinating to watch!  Click here to see Louise's pick.  
Sundays post was Etsy and I have chosen to share with you all this rosegold sideways cross necklace.  I love, love, love these sideways cross necklaces and have been searching for one for weeks now that I like, but a lot of them seem to have chains that are a bit too long, as I think they look best on a short chain.  I was looking for a gold toned one so I can wear it with some other gold jewelry that I have but I have stumbled upon this rose gold one and feel like I could be tempted to get it in this colour instead!

I think Louise's Etsy find is so adorable and if you have a daughter under 9 months old you definitely need to check it out!

Have you found any nice sideways cross necklaces that I should check out before I make my purchase? xx

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