Monday, 2 July 2012

My tan tips!

As we are now in holiday season I thought I would share a few of my tips on how to achieve an even tan and keep it from fading too quickly!

These tips are so simple but I really do find that they help!

  • Exfoliate!  Before you go away it really helps to get rid of any dead skin you have, as this will help to stop your skin from looking too dry and also from getting too flaky and peely after you have been in the sun!  I tend to exfoliate a few times a week all year round and personally I like to rotate between a few products, first being an exfoliating scrub, at the moment I particularly like this Soap and Glory The Breakfast Scrub because it smells so good and lasts me ages!  Boots also have a 3 for 2 offer on at the moment so it is a good time to stock up!  I also like to use a body brush and it is a good idea to use this dry as well as wet in the shower.  I use one with a long handle to help me reach my back!  Finally I like to use an exfoliating mitt.  On the days when I am not concentrating on exfoliation I use a pouffe to rub in my shower gel which is also going to help out!  Another tip is to lightly exfoliate during your holiday, you may not want to as you feel like you are scrubbing away your tan, but it will help to remove any dry and dead skin and make you look more radiant! 
  • Moisturise! Moisturise every chance you get, when you wake up, after showering, before getting changed etc etc!  It obviously is just going to help keep your skin from getting too dry and peeling or flaking away!  I am currently loving  vaseline cocoa butter oil gel which smells lovely and gives a nice sheen to the skin,
  • SPF! Using the right SPF is so important.  I think a lot of people forget that sun cream helps to stop your skin from burning and not from tanning! So many people use an SPF that is too low and end up burnt anyway, leading to peeling skin and being uncomfortable for half the holiday!  Don't forget that if you get burnt you will damage your skin and whilst you may love your current tan, it will fade within weeks, yet your leather look skin will be around for years!  This article may help you choose an appropriate SPF for you.
  • Move!  Walking round in the sun helps to achieve a more even looking tan because you don't have to remember to flip over or move your sunbed round to face the sun 3 times a day!  Also getting moving will help burn off the cocktails and chips, bonus!  
  • Cheat!  When I get home I like to cheat a teeny tiny bit and after about a week I swap my normal moisturiser for one with a hint of self tanner in!  I use this only once a day just to prolong the tan for a bit longer and usually continue using it until the bottle is empty!  After that I get a spray tan for special occasions or if I just want to look a bit browner!  As I have all the kit for work I taught my Mum how to spray me!  My current favourite self tanning moisturiser is this Garnier Summer Body, which gives me a beautiful colour, it works quickly and smells great when you first put it on.  I have seen a few reviews where people have come out in a rash after use though so it is worth Googleing the product before you choose to buy it.
(Not my most flattering picture but I do have a weeny bit of a tan!)

What tips for a longer lasting tan do you have? x

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