Saturday, 21 July 2012


Recently I seem to have acquired a few tops that have low backs or are racer style.  For this reason I wanted to get myself a NuBra.  I had one years ago and wore it to death so I wanted to try another one out.  If you have not come across this type of bra before it is basically two silicon pads, or chicken fillets as they tend to be known!  You need to apply them to each breast separately and then you clip them together in the middle.  They are great because you can space them further apart or closer together depending on how much of a cleavage you are after!  They are the perfect bra for any style of top that would ordinarily show off your bra straps or cups!  They come with a sticky adhesion on each cup which you need to gently hand wash between each use.  As you can imagine this does mean that the bras have a limited life.

I had a search on eBay and came across these FreeBras.  I thought that the combined price, including postage, was really reasonable so I decided to give this one a bash.  I ordered mine on the 23rd June and it arrived on the 20th July, which I am happy with considering it has come all the way from China.

When the bra arrived the packet was completely squashed, I would have liked to keep the item in its box to help keep it clean and retain its shape so that was a real shame, although I suspect that had more to do with the postal service than the seller!!

The actual bra is exactly what I expected.  It comes with clear straps as well if you like to use those, personally I wouldn't tend to unless I was perhaps wearing a low backed top where you wouldn't see the straps at all.  The cups are fairly thick so if you are not after extra padding then this is perhaps not for you, I don't mind either way, I wasn't looking for extra oomph but I certainly don't mind getting it!  The clip feels sturdy but I would imagine that you would still need to take relative care when putting the bra on and taking it off. 

This bra is only available in A through to D cup and officially I have a bigger bra size, but I decided to go for a D anyway.  Unfortunately they sent me a size C so this will be no good to me.  I am a bit gutted but I have sent the seller a message and hope to hear from them soon.  I think that by the nature of this type of bra one size smaller will be okay but two is pushing my luck, I don't want them to look droopy after all and I think a C would just sit at the bottom of each boob!!

All in all a good product for under £9 but a shame that I got sent the wrong size!  I will keep you updated when I hear back from the seller!

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