Tuesday, 17 July 2012

LOTD Blogpost #4

Happy Tuesday everybody!  For this week's blogpost love of the day I have chosen this post by Meek N Mild.  I think she looks lovely in this outfit and as mint is one of my favourite shades of the season this one was a winner for me!  So much so that I popped into town to copy the outfit!! Unfortunately my Primark didn't have the shoes in my size and although Zara had plenty of the dresses available in the sale for just over £15 the skirt just wasn't sitting right on me, sob, but after all a bargain isn't really a bargain if the item isn't right!  None the less I think Shirley suits the dress perfectly and I will still be keeping my eyes peeled incase Primark happen to have my size in the shoes one day!

Here is Louise's offering today! sprinkleofglitter


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